Why Do LSU Tigers Wear White in Football Games

LSU Tigers would wear white throughout their football video games because of a traditions that has been began in 1958 by Instructor Paul Dietzel. how to stream nfl games live

Unlike school basketball, where the home teams wear white or perhaps the lighter-colored jerseys, most NCAA football teams wear their darker colored jerseys by games. The LSU Tigers is noted for being are actually to wear white jerseys. Let’s find away how did this custom started. 

Paul Dietzel’s Decision

In 1958, LSU’s trainer, Paul Dietzel, decided that the team would be wearing their white china jerseys for home use video games. They then won the national championship that same year. Believing it was best of luck, the team determined to make it a tradition to wear white to their home video games.

However, in 1982, new NCAA rules were exceeded which explained that home teams must wear dark colors in home game titles, prohibiting LSU from putting on white from 1983 to 1994. It wasn’t until 1995, when LSU was granted permission by the NCAA to be able to continue with the custom of wearing white.

Gerry DiNardo’s lobbying

In 95, their new coach, Gerry DiNardo, determined in order to the tradition of wearing white, took it after himself to charm to the NCAA. This individual personally met members of the Football Rules Panel. His effort has paid off and the LSU team started out wearing white each and every time they may have their homes games. This is since 1995. The only stipulation was that the visiting team must acknowledge to wear their deeper jersey colors over these game titles. Ever since, LSU only had to wear their purple jerseys to home games three times. (Once was during a game against Vanderbilt in mil novecentos e noventa e seis. Vanderbilt refused since they were still angry at DiNardo leaving Vanderbilt to coach LSU. )

In 2009, NCAA amended their rules once more, not anymore restricting teams on whether or not they should wear their lighter-colored china jerseys to home games or not. Just as long as teams wore different colors.

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