Why a Podcast is Just As Good As a Viral Video

We have a lot of speak about you tube production and viral videos today. While I have no problem with video, there is far too much focus on viral videos. At least as significantly as marketing your information and training products should go. trend

Would certainly be better off with a podcast than a viral video!

Okay, which far more controversial than I actually usually get. It’s almost as bad as my statement that self-help experts really need to learn how to create products first before they instruct it! So I imagine I better explain. The first one, not the other… I’ll leave the other to other articles. 

Thus why is a podcasting just as good as a viral video?

To start, what’s so great about a viral video? And more importantly just what virus-like video? To answer the last question first — a viral video is a video that has gone viral, Duh! Fine, let’s make clear a little further. To go virus-like means that the product (video, audio, blog, guide, whatever) has so used the group that they start forwarding it to their friends. Who, in turn, forward it with their friends. Like a malware it spreads out greatly.

So what’s so great about them? The solution is simple. It’s seen with a lot of people. A lot of of whom might click through to check out your site, where you can acquire their emails and have interaction them in a conversation. Hey, you may even be able to sell to them someday!

Even so, that’s also why a viral video isn’t as good as a podcasting. A viral video is seen by a whole lot of folks — once! And only once! It’s a fad that will in time burn down. Think about the last viral online video that you viewed. Who also had been it by? Unless you just viewed it just before you started reading this article, odds are you’ve already ignored. Viral videos have no staying power. Without repeating, little is gained by each viewing.

Viral videos give attention to quantity over quality. Be seen by a huge number of folks and at least a few will click through to your site. You hope.

Pod-casts on the other side are repeating products. That they not only show up nevertheless they repeatedly put your name and voice before your customer. This duplication increases retention and makes a click through significantly more likely.

Podcasts also provide repeated exposures to your customer. Bluntly the customer learns to just like you long before they take the time to click through. Since a result your sales percentage and opt-in proportions will both exceed regarding a viral video. Pod-casts are more than simply a traffic tool. They are a sales tool.

Of course, nothing is stopping your podcasts from heading viral. Although in actuality, this can be a lot less likely it will. Whereby, you are going to see some of the same issues arising. Even though as a podcast is reproducing naturally, you will see less of a reduction in your sales and opt-in percentages.

Finally, there exists one big advantage to a podcast. Most videos are limited in span. YouTube only allows a maximum ten minutes of video. But podcasts can be as long (or as short) as you wish! So that you can say more, inform the sell more.

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