Why a Company Should Look for Facebook Fans?

It appears, more and more companies are looking enthusiasts on Facebook for their any particular brand, now you can ask why are they looking followers? Well the answer is simple. Net today is the key technical platform for any type of company. Nearly all the people of the developed and still developing countries are hooked on to the internet. More and more people are spending their leisure time on the internet, rather than on TV, which was the trend of the previous generation. From recent surveys we know young people spend at least some of their online time on Facebook. For that reason, it is merely natural for marketing people to focus on people on Facebook. acheter des fans facebook

Syncapse’s Research on Facebook supporters

Marketing team open up fan pages on Facebook . com and wait for folks to become fans because of their particular brand. A recent research done by Syncapse has shown that the average Facebook fans will probably be worth about one hundred and 30 dollars. This is true only for highly successful social marketers. Therefore, Fb fans are indeed ideal for only those companies that can make more income through online social marketing. 

Whats in it for the consumers?

From a consumer’s point of view becoming a Facebook enthusiast for a particular brand is profitable for them too. If each uses Facebook frequently, then they obviously will log into their profile and once they login, they may see updated news using their favorite brand that they are fan of, on their homepage. They will discuss products with other Fb fans of that particular brand and make up to date decision on any particular product. This behavior is not just like what one would do when they see an advertisement of products on TV, but this is much better. In the end the consumer would be the ones who are happy with the products.

Companies with more consumer understanding

If we think from the industry’s point of view, it is apparent that they can understand the consumer better and also know from the Facebook lover pages what consumer is absolutely looking for and then use that knowledge to improve their products and marketing strategy. There are many companies with made major changes to goods based on online consumer reaction.

Current state

Generally there are currently 1. 4 million active fan web pages on Facebook and one can search for a common brands and products and become fan easily. Turning out to be a Facebook fan is not permanent. One can always use the “remove me from fans” connect to stop being a supporter. It is a great idea for many who spend time on Facebook or myspace, because they gain more knowledge on the brand or products that they like.

The end results

So, if we consider the impact of Facebook on normal life, we can see that opening up fan pages and having Facebook fans are both profitable for the companies and the consumers. The two parties are more conscious of the other person and can make money from each other. So Fb fan pages and Facebook or myspace fans are both quality products that contain positive impact on both companies and consumers.

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