Vampire Facelift Turns Back Time

Based on the books and movies, vampire never age. If you would like to look ten years younger without the fangs, consider a vampire face lift. This kind of blood sucking treatment is not as gory as it may seem. The vampire face lift is a low surgical facelift treatment by using a patient’s own blood, which is taken out of the left arm with a syringe. vampire facelift

Bloodstream platelets are a natural source of growth factors. These are extracted from blood and processed as a dermal filler. The mixture is then inserted into aspects of the face where lines have shaped. The injection contents instantly fill out the epidermis, removing facial lines and wrinkles. The method stimulates the repair and regeneration of connective tissues and collagen. Continued improvements are seen over 12 weeks, with results lasting no less than 15 months. 

The blood injection treatment has been used for years to treat tendonitis, orthopaedic injuries such as horizontal epicondylitis and arthritis in the knees. It is now being used for cosmetic purposes.

Facial shots are certainly nothing new in aesthetic beauty treatments. Botox, Restylane, Perlane and Sculptra are common treatments to rejuvenate the face and restore a vibrant appearance. Using a person’s own blood reduces the chance of side results which can appear with synthetic dermal fillers. Fats grafting is yet another anti ageing cosmetic treatment, where a person’s own fat cells are shot in to the face to increase fullness and remove lines and wrinkles.

The quest for everlasting beauty continues. The availableness of many non medical face lift options reduces the advantages of beauty surgery, enabling many men and females to have more youthful looking skin. This can improve self-esteem, enhance job prospects and give people the confidence to start out a brand new relationship. Facial injections are obtainable at many local clinics and beauty beauty parlors, and are an affordable alternative to face lift up surgery.

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