Tiffany Light Fixtures

There is absolutely no mistaking the elegance of Tiffany light fixtures. Their very own beauty is unsurpassed and has been enjoyed by many people down through the years. But many individuals have the false impression that any stained goblet lamp is considered a Tiffany lamp. This is actually not the fact. Mexican lighting fixtures

Tiffany lamps are those who are created truly by the Louis Convenience Tiffany Studios based in New York City throughout the early 1850? s to mid 1930? s. Considering that the real Tiffany lamps were very pricey, they were offered to the extremely prosperous. At the present time, these pieces are hard to find, and several of the few places that these lighting can be viewed are the White House and Tag Twain’s residence. 

To time frame a Tiffany lighting permanent fixture, it may be of help to consider doing the pursuing.

1. Be knowledgeable about Tiffany light fixtures. Examining books about them can be really useful. Among the a good book info is The Lamps of Adam Comfort Tiffany by Nancy McClelland. Take a visit to can view and get a closer look at these lamps in person.

2. Examine that. There might be some marks which can help identify the lamp as an traditional Tiffany creation. A good way to determine a real Tiffany is with a narrow bronze draw at the bottom casing of the shade. This can have words JEWELRY STUDIOS NEW YORK CITY stamped on it. The initial M. C. T. CO. Is usually that of Tiffany’s.

3. Try to find imperfections. Since these lights are all made by hand, it is expected that they will have versions and show the style that accompany an item that is hand made. Mass produced items tend to have mare like a smoothness about them than hand crafted items.

4. Evaluate the craftsmanship used. The best materials by means of handcrafted goblet and solid bronze were used to generate each of Tiffany’s creations. Uneven soldering and lightweight metal angles are two of an effective way00 for fake Tiffanys to stand out and be easily recognized.

Tiffany lighting fixtures can be floor-based ones, desk lamps, hanging colours, wall sconces, table lights and even chandeliers. Generally there are craftsman today that are replicating the process employed by the original Jewelry craftsmen so that it is more difficult to identify items made at the turn of the century as compared to items crafted in recent years.

If you are considering investing in a light fixture that has been promoted as Tiffany, it is advisable to have this item evaluated and evaluated by a true expert just as you would a pricey antique. These types of lighting fixtures can be quite expensive and should be given due persistance before being purchased as authentic.

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