Tamil Short Stories

The short story arrange started from Europe. The Tamil world trusts that the short stories in Tamil can be followed back to the seventeenth century to ‘Paramartha Kurunkathai’ a change from the traditional Tamil verse. V.V.S. Iyer began another pattern in the 1880s giving the short stories its significant frame. Zee Tamil Serials

Pudumaipithan began the following phase of Tamil short storiesand numerous different essayists turned out with splendid stories in Tamil. Pudumaipithan, Ku.Pa. Ra and P.S.Ramaiya and their peers have composed numerous stories that is today well known organization with the Tamil scholarly circles and perusers as the short story arrange.


Pudumaipithan’s stories conveyed messages for the general public. His truly communicated his anxiety for the general public and delineated the wretchedness and dramatization in our lives. He expounded on the human connections, their desires and life as a rule took a gander at nearly. His ‘Ponnagaram’ was considered outside the ability to comprehend of perusers. He managed a wide cluster of subjects in his stories while additionally exploring different avenues regarding the craft of narrating. His composition included mockery and mind and the stories seemed characteristic and reasonable. The illustrations like ‘Kodukkapuli Maram’ and ‘Naasakkaara Gumbal’ draw out the above characteristics of his written work. He has deftly utilized the lingos of Madras or Tirunelveli in his stories as suitable. His works mirrored the impact of outside journalists like Maupassant, Nathaniel Hawthorne and others in the western world. He has penned more than 150 short stories in Tamil.


T.Janakiraman’s short stories got the ideas the lives of individuals superbly and individuals could distinguish them with the characters.


Jayakanthan had composed numerous remarkable stories some of which went ahead to be taped later on. The majority of his stories were distributed by Ananda Vikatan. While working in the workplace of ‘Janasakthi’ he built up a loving for Tamil writing and writing in Tamil. His stories were for the most part about the general population from the general population living in the ghettos or greatly needy individuals.


N.Pichamoorthy is a notable essayist of Tamil short stories. ‘Mannasai’ is one of his well known short stories.


Sujatha is the nom de plume of S.Rangarajan who has composed more than 100 Tamil books and 250 short stories in Tamil. His style of composing earned him a wide readership. His sci-fi is said to be a spearheading work in Tamil. He could disentangle science in his own matchless straightforward words that can be comprehended by all. ‘Aathma’ is a short story which is an exciting portrayal of a day in a PC architect’s life. Suri had made the PC the capacity to foresee the future giving it an arrangement of standards that can watch the planetary positions. To test its viability he gives his introduction to the world points of interest and the PC in a split second gives the yield on the screen. That ends up being his capital punishment, as it were. He would bite the dust that same night precisely at 23:11:59. So solid and loaded with life, he couldn’t trust it and does irregular checks in hustle. The story closes with the landing of the inescapable minute. Sujatha’s stories were distributed in famous Tamil magazines like Kumudam, Ananda Vikatan and Kalki.

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