Songwriting Tip – Unoriginal Melodies Are A Good Thing

Just as soon as that folks create a melody that they feel is great, many think it already sounds like another song. This is common, and i also suffered from this many times. What you’ve acquired to understand is that ALL SONGS are REUSED MELODIES. creating melodies

Every song has a ‘portion’ of the tune which is the same as another. So no longer worry if you feel your song sounds like another. 

What’s important to know here is that if your melody is a well-known one, then that’s a A VALUABLE THING. I’m not talking about a ‘rip off’ here, I’m speaking about a part(s) of your melody that feels like another song(s).

Why is it the best thing? Because it means PEOPLE can CORRESPOND WITH THE MELODY even more. They will want to listen to your track due to familiarity. Remember, most people aren’t songwriters. Therefore chances are, most people won’t even realize where it may or might not exactly have been inspired from. And what if they do? Well… ultimately, as a whole, it will be your own words, your own tune and eventually with your own music. So that it will be YOUR SONG. So avoid fret.

Here, I’ll talk about some methods that will jump start the process of creating a song:

Pick a song that you like and know *quite* well, and once you are NOT listening to it, hum the beat of the song. DON’T’ SING THE TEXT, just sound the melody. This way, you will think ‘melodically’. Eventually, you should power yourself to sing certain variations of the tune (ie. completely mess around with the tune). When ever this happens, you’ll end with your own song.
Should you play an tool (it doesn’t matter which or what level you are at) try and figure out the song of another song on the instrument. If you decipher it out easily, then waste time and MODIFICATION certain parts of it. Then SING (hum, la, etc) this CHANGED SONG out aloud. If you can’t decipher it away, then forget about it! CREATE A MELODY YOU FEEL IS PROPER! Once again, don’t prejudge while doing this. Just go where your fingers take you and just ‘la’ the tune simultaneously. Loop this melody once you feel you have something good.
Grab a song that you DON’T KNOW FOR ALL. Tune in to the music once, and then pay attention to it again. The second time around, sing out along to it. Most likely, you won’t remember the tune. This is normal! What do you do now? Yup. You got it. MAKE UPYOUR INDIVIDUAL MELODY to this hidden song. NOTE: This one may work better if you bought a DISC of backing tracks that contain no guide vocals on the songs. This way, you HAVE TO make the own melody to a track that’s already playing. Just be sure to NO LONGER KNOW the songs…. at all.
You have no idea how powerful this is. I’ve written fresh songs on one’s My spouse and i had no clue about! And believe me, they are original songs – they don’t sound like a duplicate of anything at all at all. This is because of what I actually said earlier – finally it will be your own lyrics, your own message and your own music which in switch translates into your own song. Keeping The Tune Simple: There is no point in making a melody that’s ‘musically clever’. You are not trying to attract musicians here. What you want is to create a melody that’s STRAIGHT FORWARD yet INTERESTING. So how do you do this? Well, melodies often re-occur several times in a song. In fact, the verses and choruses by itself will often have the tune repeating itself. Is actually the basic structure of practically all songs under the sun. The poems will repeat and so does the choruses. THUS…. IF THE MELODY TONES WORTHY ENOUGH TO GET REPEATED, THEN YOU’RE TO SOME THING.

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