Safety Vs Straight Vs Multi-Blade Razors

Earliest, before we get into the debate of the safety razor or in a straight line razor vs. multi-blade shaver, a little refresher on terminology so we know very well what we are talking about. twin blade disposable razors wholesale

Safety Razor blade

A Double Edge Safety Shaver uses double-edge blades and will have either a straight edge or a comb-edge on each part. 

Straight Razor blade

Upright Razors use single-edge rotor blades and can either be fixed, which means they need to be honed, or as a ‘shavette’, which means it has a changeable single-edge cutter.

Multi-blade Razor blade

Multi-blade razors use multiple-blade carts and catomizers.

A little history

Direct blades have been around for hundreds of years. Due to the nature of fixed cutter straight razors and the need to sharpen them on the leather strop, an update to the shaver was developed, known as shavette. Shavette’s use an interchangeable\disposable razor blade.

Security blades have been around since about the 1900s. The modern versions of these classics are well built.

Multi-blade of today require the use of cartridges. They are really typically cheap, but some companies have taken the multi-blade body designs and crafted chic models from chrome, gold-plating, wood, and more.

The straight blade has only one moving part, the blade that swivel open up and closed. The systems are typically wood, steel, or other material. A security blade can either have a butterfly starting where the blade is set in place or the handle unscrews from the head, which is taken apart to put the razor blade. The razors are typically all metallic, such as chrome, gold-plating, and such, but the handles can be made from wood, or other upscale material. Cared for properly, a straight razor or a modern safety razor blade (not the multi-blade) can last a very long time and provide a fantastic shave throughout its’ life. Multi-blade razors might last a few years.

Safety razors and right razors take a little practice and a few skill to get great results. A little patience will go a considerable ways with these razors. Simply no patience will give you a rough shave and war wounds (nicks, cuts). Multi-blade razors take those learning curve out of the picture because of their ease of use.

Multi-blades and safety rotor blades are just about ready to go at any time. Straight blades (fixed blade), on the other side, requires a little prep, like whetting on a leather strop before use. Straight blades (shavettes), like safety blades are ready to go without the whetting requirement.

Multi-blade carts can be costly. Review your average multi-blade ink cartridges with that of the double-edge razor blade or maybe the single-edge razor blade. Why don’t we do some simple mathematics. In case you shave eight times every two weeks, (say you like stubble on your informal Fridays) that means a new protection blade or cartridge every a couple weeks. After a month, the safety razor costs $1. 60, the container costs you $8. In a year, you pay 12 x $1. 70 = 19. 80 for safety razors. Compare that to the 12 back button $8 = $96 and you will realize that protection razors save you $96 – 19. 80 sama dengan $76. 20 in just one full year. Less money and an improved shave – easy isn’t it?

When multi-blade razors cut many perform what they call ‘lift and cut’. This fundamentally pulls the whisker away from the skin before performing. This gives a really smooth finish, but the whisker can escape beneath the skin surface, thus creating ingrown fur. The double-edge razor cutting tool nor the single-edge razor blade blade can accomplish this, since they are in a straight line cuts.

Multi-blade razors use plastic cartridges, which house the multiple blades. The moment disposed of, these go into the landfill and sit there. Multi-blade shaver manufacturers are also growing technology blades for their razors. Straight razors and safety razors have no latest and greatest. They will reached their peak around 1930. You cannot make sure they are better. Tell me again, why do I need 4 or 5 rotor blades in a cartridge?

To get the manly men, when using straight razors or safety razors, you are scraping off stubble with three inches of extremely sharp, unguarded, polished metal. Skill, patience and dexterity are required. Multiple-blades, puhlease!

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