Q & A, For Gold Jewelry and Fine Timepieces

How to keep my jewels looking as clean as while i bought them?

a. The simplest way to clean your baubles at home is with real charms cleaner. The chemicals in the mixture are specifically prepared for silver and platinum metals. That they will not stripe whatsoever. ed marshall jewelers

a. Truly best way to keep charms looking new is to get them professionally cleaned from your local jeweler. You will discover two advantages to this drone monthly commitment… your charms will always look glowing new and most significantly your stones will be checked for tightness! 

Is usually it important to take care of physical watch on a watch winder?

a. Keeping a mechanical watch winding is extremely recommend! This will ensure the gears are kept lubricated, in come back keeping your timepiece away of the repair office.

My jeweler tells me personally to bring my wristwatch in once every 3 years for an change, is this really necessary?

a. Over time the oils in the equipment run dry, these oils need to replenished in order to keep the watch performing. In addition, parts of the timepiece can become worn and should be replaced.

How can I actually give my old secrets a new look?

a. Revamping your aged earrings can be as simple as a quick cleaning. Over time, gold has on down leaving a lifeless finish, a little tad of polish brings the metal back to normal. Let’s say you have many items of yellow yellow metal charms and would like to have a few of the pieces in white gold or us platinum? Rhodium is your answer!! In less then 20 minutes you can wear your almost new items of jewelry! It is impressive how beautiful the process works; bare in mind the whitening rhodium wears down in about six months.

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