Printed Direct Marketing Material

Digital marketing has not used away the potency of the traditional printed immediate marketing. Companies continue to invest in direct marketing the old fashion way sent by mail to your home. During 2010 the companies that used printed material to promote themselves has actually increased by 38. 6%. Branded material comes with an attraction to end users that digital does not. It is much easier to delete an online promotion than the one received in your mail box. catalog software

At the present time, postal mailings represent around 12. 8% of the total global advertising investment. Just behind tv set and printed press. This amount still represents a massive piece of the advertising investment and should be considered as an important part of any Marketing Approach. 

From January to Sept 2010, the companies that more trusted the regular immediate marketing strategy to contact their clients were the methods in the commercial sector. Companies still promote their products through printed materials because clients and customers use them and like them.

The media with the best advertising investment during the same period were the traditional commercial correspondence, followed by advertising catalogues and in third place catalogues. Commercial letters have always been important and have been used for many facets of a business. Brochures are individual items in several formats promotion a product or a service in a manner that customers can see and have a sensation of what to expect. And finally catalogues they show a broad array of the merchandise, specs and in depth information of all the products being promoted.

If perhaps companies continue trusting in postal advertising is principally because of its effectiveness. Matching to data accumulated during the first nine several weeks of 2010, 67. 6% of the mailings were read. Around 32. 4% of the households found the mailings interesting and around 8% took action after obtaining them. The closing ratio is huge and it is still inexpensive to print and mail direct marketing bits.

There are many options for printed marketing materials. Deciding on which ones your small business should use will depend on your target market, your budget and your time. Presenting a professional appearance to potential clients of customers is very important. People judge your product or service by the cover. What your produce to advertise your company tells customers a great deal about your business.

Branded material is not only used for mailings, it can even be used in several varieties and various ways. Several examples of different types of marketing materials and some different places to market are: Flyers, pamphlets, posters, direct mail, mags, newsletters, tradeshows, welcome centers, chamber of commerce, magazine, visitor’s bureaus, etc.

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