Piaget Limelight Paradise Secret Watch

Plants are a super ideas treasury for earrings design for flowers can bloom into various patterns. Basically nearly all charms brand has its one of a kind flower and it is too distinct to be confused. For example, camellia belongs to Chanel, Audemars owns orchid and Dior is known for flower. It can be no surprise that flower is also an essential motif of the stunning earrings and designer watches from Piaget. In fact, this Piaget Limelight Paradise Key Watch gives an outstanding illustration of flowery glamor and charm. ed marshall jewelers

Inspired by the frangipani flower, this timepiece is adorable. Putting on this timepiece, imagine that you are landing on the Paradise in the world, where you are warmly met with with tender frangipani bouquets, which unfurl their petals-in diamonds for the 3 small ones and chalcedony for the best one-around orange sapphire hearts and slumber gently on the mother-of-pearl foundation rimmed with diamonds that delicately pivots to indulge the diamond-paved watch switch. You can almost feel the scent of these exotic blooms. 

The circumstance of this timepiece in 18 carat white yellow metal or platinum is arranged with 199 diamonds, four yellow sapphires and a white chalcedony flower. Their white-gold dial is defined with 101 diamonds. This can be a fine watch and I have every reason to call it up a luxury bracelet. The watch gives a new interpretation of Piaget’s time-honored mastery in the field of secret designer watches. Its technical perfection is in the ultra-precise and exceptionally smooth rotation of the upper disc, while its elegant movements coordinated by ht exuberant bouquets are securely attached to the case. I ponder whether anyone can reject its glamour.

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