Over Glasses – Turn Your Spectacles Into Sunglasses

Regardless of whether you bring them Over Glasses, Fit Over Sunglasses, Cover All Sunglasses, Cover Over Sunglasses or OTG (Over The Glasses) Sunglasses, they are an amazingly practical path for display wearers to acquire insurance from the sun. Commonsense, beautiful and constantly prepared to wear, ideal for individuals who need the advantages of finish sun assurance while wearing their remedy glasses. They’re unisex, lightweight and simple to slip over your scenes. glass fittings

Most Over Glasses have additional focal points incorporated with the sanctuaries, giving a more extensive field of vision, and high sides which gives predominant fringe insurance from destructive UV beams and the components. They’re accessible with tinted and reflected focal points, differentiate improving copper driving focal points, glare-blocking energized focal points, shatterproof wellbeing glass and even UV enacted photochromic focal points.

Over Glasses give astounding all round UV security, up to 40% more than most normal shades, and can be utilized for an extensive variety of exercises including strolling, climbing, angling, cruising, rocking the bowling alley, golf, driving, motorcycling, skiing and even light modern utilize.

Enraptured Over Glasses

Enraptured focal points cut glare reflected off level surfaces, for example, water, streets and snow. They are particularly prevalent among anglers since they evacuate the reflected glare off the dilutes surface permitting you see underneath the surface of the water. An enraptured focal point channels coordinate light and disposes of energized light enabling the wearer to see light in its unadulterated state. Items seem more characterized, more keen and normally shaded. Rather than squinting to limit glare, a spellbound focal point enables your eyes to see hues with genuine lucidity.

Rolling Over Glasses

Copper driver focal points give more keen complexity, sift through blue light and diminish street glare while safeguarding a characteristic shading balance for happy with survey in the sunshine. Driver focal points unwind the eye muscles to lessen pressure while driving.

Tinted and Mirrored Over Glasses

Over Glasses with tinted and reflected focal points are reasonable for most outside exercises. Accessible tints incorporate super-dim dark, dim smoke, darker and yellow. They offer full UV assurance and give superb security from daylight and the components.

Security Over Glasses

Security Over Glasses are made to excellent determinations keeping in mind the end goal to meet the prerequisites of the European CE EN-166-F and American ANSI Z87.1 norms. They should breeze through six distinct tests for optical quality in addition to three unique tests for affect protection including a test that shoots a 1/4 inch steel ball at more than 100 mph and leaves close to a dimple on the focal point. Focal points are accessible with smoke, yellow and clear tints.

Cushioned Over Glasses

Over Glasses with cushioned edges are particularly appropriate for speed games, for example, motorcycling, BMX, mountain biking, cycling, skating, skiing, snow boarding and skating. These lightweight cover-alls have a “pad” froth cushioning within the casing to fit cozy to your face and ensure against wind, clean, garbage and bugs. Individuals who experience the ill effects of certain eye grievances, for example, dry eye disorder have additionally discovered cushioned shades helpful in light of the fact that they decrease drafts around the eyes.

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