My Technique in Hunting Ghosts

My own way to hunting ghouls, and the paranormal is an extremely simple way, that almost any person can follow.

First, you must make sure that you have the ability to of the equipment you need to conduct a formal investigation. A few of these things include: an EVP recorder, a night vision camcorder, a Temperature Gauge preferably the one which has a laser, digital still camera, and walkie talkies just in circumstance you get seperated with your group. white orbs photos

When you have your equipment, you need to conduct research for your first formal investigation. After getting done this step, it is time to go to the location DURING THE DAY so you can get an understanding of the place while things might be peaceful, and also do an inspection of the place. In the event you just start looking into without doing a formal inspection, especially in an abandoned building, you might be seriously injured. 

The next thing would be to try to find some individuals with had experience at the place. If more than a couple of folks have seen, heard, or felt something in the location, then you have got yourself a haunted place. Help to make sure to get all the reports on record so that while you are looking back at the footage, you may go back to find away if anything adds up to what the people you interviewed were expressing.

Finally, you will be ready to investigate the location. You always need to have basics arranged up at every location. Even though you are investigating outdoors, you must have a place set up in circumstance you get separated from your group at any given time during the investigation. Sometimes, even in open outdoor locations, it could be very difficult to find where you are heading in the dark. Thus this is very important.

One of the most reported evidence caught would be EVP’s. This is because that take a ghost as much energy to speak as it does to manifest itself, appearing as an spirit. When you are requesting the ghosts questions for the EVP’s, always make sure you leave a 15 to 30 second pause in between this question. Just because it does take a lot of energy for ghosts to even try to speak.

While you are taking photographs with your digital still camera, you need to really know what to look for in orbs. Bugs, dust, snow, rainfall, and other nature things can very easily be mistaken for orbs. The way to know if it is a real orb is to check the color, shape, of course, if it has more than one group to it. If this is the case, you have caught yourself a proper orb!

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