Local Search Marketing – Google Places Setup and Optimisation – Step by Step Guide

Localized Search Marketing – Yahoo places setup and marketing guide

An easy guide to starting your own Regional Search Marketing campaign. scraping google search results

With over 65% of Irish people using the internet to find local products and services, and also 80% of those using Google, it is absolutely essential that many business has an online presence. If perhaps your business can’t be present in the search search engines, it is simply hidden to these possible clients. Moreover, the fact that by the end of 2012 it is expected that over 50% of mobile phone users in Ireland will own a smartphone in fact it is becoming more important by the day that your business is obvious in the local online search results. 

The following is your simple step by step tips for setting up and optimising your Yahoo Places page:

Claim your listing!

This is a pretty evident first step but one which is often overlooked and if another Google Places site is set up, can bring about duplicate listings. To stop this, do a full search in the “Maps” part of Google for your full business name and contact number. Often Yahoo has already “scraped” a listing for your business from data found in other online business internet directories and if therefore, you need to claim possession on this listing and validate it by postcard.

Key word research:

Before completing your business profile it is important to decide on which keywords would be most appropriate for your business to rank for. There is lots of software available that can help with yet the free key word tool provided by Yahoo is usually good enough. Be sure to check the “exact match” container for the most appropriate search figures. These keywords should be included where suitable in the business description and categories copy.

Upload photographs and videos:

Choose ten photographs of your business premises, products or whatever you think is suitable and get them optimised them for your Google Places webpage. If these are quality photographs of the business premises upload those to Panoramio or get them geotagged in Picasa or Reddit to help Google affiliate them with your business Places page. If you have any quality videos associated to your business get them uploaded to YouTube and be certain to incorporate your business NAP (Name, Address, Phone No. ) in the description!

Build citations:

A citation for a Google Places real estate is the equivalent to a backlink in organic and natural SEO. They are basically each and every time the Google bot recognizes a mention of the your business “NAP” online. The more relevant the citation, the more credit Google will offer to your Places page. e. g. if you are a Plumber, a citation found on a builders directory site will be provided far more credit than a citation on a “Places to eat” directory. It is also very essential that you make sure you keep your business listings in exactly the same format to be sure Yahoo can associate them appropriately.

Get reviews:

Don’t be shy in asking clients past and show leave reviews on your site. Get a QR code linking to your Locations page and have it obvious in your shop window, on your response desk, on invoices, where ever! A similar QR code will bring clients to whatever vouchers or special offers you might be running during that time. These reviews don’t all have to be 5 stars either, no business has a blemish free reputation but it is how you react to the not so good reviews that shows prospects your business honesty.

Business address obvious on site:

If you have a site make sure your business address is obvious in text/html format in the footer or anywhere on every page. You may also upload a geo-sitemap to your root folder to help Google make the connection between your organic and natural website plus your Google Spots page. If your business has multiple locations you ought to have at least an individual page on your website for every single business location and link this individual webpage to each of your separate Google Places web pages.

Keep your customers “sweet”!:

Since you have increased your company visibility online it is all a lot more important that you ensure you keep your customers happy and make sure they always leave those good reviews. That is important to keep in mind that customer reviews can be scraped from other online directories like Scream or Hotfrog and placed on your Google Areas page so offline customer service must be taken care of to ensure your online reputation stays intact.

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