Kashmir Gardens – The Realm of Beauty, Treasures and Creativity

‘I am on cloud nine’. This was the beautiful feeling that embraced my heart when I moved into the land of Kashmir. This tourist vacation spot warmly greets you with a dream-like environment that exists only in dreams, and gently puts you in the lap of Mother Nature. Come to the paradisaical location to catch up with ideal and enhance it into reality. Dedicate your holidays amidst one of the world’s most beautiful mountain range, the mighty Himalayas, in this arresting North Indian point out. Flooded with beautiful and colorful flowers, the landscapes ohere are both exciting and overwhelming attraction. indoor growing

Enhancing the nearby snow-capped mountains, intimate lakes and stunning scenery, the gardens of Kashmir drag you into a hypnotic state. Capturing the attention of virtually all tourists, some of the popular gardens in Kashmir are: 

Shalimar Garden
This is one of the most beautiful and earliest gardens of the condition. Presented around four 100 years ago, your garden teems with colorful bouquets and wonderful fountains offering a great ambiance. Tourists can also treat their senses to the light show at nighttime.

Nishat Bagh
Known for its beautiful chinar trees, flowers and the twelve terraces symbolizing twelve zodiac signs, Nishant Bagh is truly worthwhile a visit.

Gardens of Chashma Shahi
Steeped in royalty, this garden was laid out by the famous Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. One of the most striking feature of it is the fresh water spring, which is believed to have therapeutic properties.

Pari Mahal
When a Buddhist Monastery, this recreation area boasts of well landscaped terraced gardens, observatory and a college of zodiac.

The beauty of the Kashmir gardens appears to be endless, the beauty, which never fades away from storage.

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