Jute Fashion Industry Overview – Past, Present and Future

The rising global campaigns to ensure a pollution free world has forced the environmentalists to launch several of ground breaking ways to implement. Even the world of fashion doesn’t seem to be to be untouched from this make-everything-eco-friendly wave. albums of fashion products wholesale

As a result many steps have recently been taken to give this manner world a much needed “green” face. This kind of revolution has given an unseen pace to the use of fashion clothes made of natural materials. For this reason , the production of jute, typically referred to as the “Golden Fiber”, in addition to organic and natural cotton, is the latest fashion parole. 

One of the most acclaimed and important step to motivate the creation and use of jute has been taken by UN General Assembly. Beautifully, the Assembly has announced the coming year(2009) as the International Year of Natural Fibers.

Many world jute bodies concerned with the employment and development of jute are meant to take the responsibility of accelerating this initiative by organizing numerous programs worldwide. A lot of them are: The International Product Body(ICB) for Jute, The International Jute Study Group(IJSG) etc.

Despite being the 2nd cheapest textile fiber after cotton, it has recently been one of the extremely neglected fashion fibers. The issues could be many such as; the utter disinterest shown by the officials as well as the regular consumers of fashion products and so forth


The basic problem is based on the lack of technical advancements in the assembly of better spinning devices and scarcity of pay for to initiate further research. As a matter of utter disgust, no advancement in the machinery has been noticed after fifties. The last such thing happened years ago when twisted “roving” was substituted by silver spinning. In addition, many machines installed during 1930-40 are still being used in many parts of South Parts of asia.


Since 90’s, yet , the jute industry has seen a lttle bit of development as various world bodies related to the development of jute fashion has started providing financial, technological and research structured help. The biggest beneficiaries would be the South Asian countries. One of such cases is the financial help provided to many jute growing countries under an UNDP project. Most of the money is put in to buy more outfitted jute-spinning machines.


The potential market trends related to jute fashion is quite bright. Due to growing concern of folks about the welfare of the eco-system. In coming ten years, the production of jute-specific fashion products is approximated to be doubled-up. The majority of importantly, the main element to the development of this industry lies in the modernization of the machinery as people are waiting for jute-products like never before.

Crucial Steps for the best Promotion of Jute Vogue

Since it is an economical fiber which is often reused too, it will take a central place if the promo of jute fashion is taken carefully.

* Seeing as the jute has acquired, naturally, a rough surface so it may well not be the number one choice for apparel. But the use of machinery and processes which makes jute smoother can be an improved option to make it well suited for fashion.

* Nevertheless jute has got a natural golden tinge, it must be developed and processed in a way which can explore all the most popular colors worldwide too. This will make it more fashion-friendly fiber and colorfully attractive.

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