Is Triple H Running the WWE?

Whispers have been circulating these days that Edge was shifted from Raw to Smackdown for reasons other than the injuries suffered by The Undertaker and Mister. Kennedy. The key reason why, so moves the rumour, is that with his ever impending return to action credited Triple H made it clear to WWE management that he didn’t consider Edge was a huge enough star to be fighting with Triple H. wwe wrestlemania 34 results

In most cases you would argue it was just over imaginative fans making a story out of simply given the murky history of Triple H wonderful sabotaging of other wrestlers pushes up the step ladder do we be so quick to dismiss it?

When Triple H came back in the Autumn of 2005 after taking time out it was expected he would return losing down and as a fan favorite to blow up up his character which seemed to be the case, until just two weeks in he was to the same old heel character he’d enjoyed for years. 

Triple H’s return took in a number of average gimmick matches up against the past it Ric Talent and a lame argument with The Big Display, but although both were poor feuds many put this down to Three times the H’s opponents rather than the King of Rulers. Edge finished of his feud with Matt Heavy with a high quality steel cage battle and a slightly disappointing steps match but overall the feud was very enjoyable.

On the night Advantage was supposed to take up rivalry with Multiple H’s recent sparring spouse Ric Flair, Edge amazed everybody with cleverly cashing in his money in your pocket title taken straight after John Koszt had defended the subject in an elimination slot provided, within 30 seconds Border was your champion.

Intended for several weeks the scores soared on Raw with Edge as champ however the reign was brief and Cena relieved Border of the title in rematch at the Noble Rumble. This is where the first whispers of Triple H’s interference came out. There was talk that WWE were considering adding Edge in the key event at Wrestlemania either against Triple H as champ or as a guy challenger in a double threat contest but Double H wasn’t keen on the concept and didn’t consider Edge a serious main eventer.

Triple H proceeded to go on to meet Koszt at Wrestlemania and the two put up a decent effort but barely anything special but at Backlash Edge was added to the mix. Every three men had amazing chemistry on the microphone before the event and the match itself was relatively good, Triple H’s first genuinely good efforts since his return in the Autumn.

Was Three times the H now to his best? Shortly after Repercussion Triple H did the actual fans had hoped for after his return and went babyface bringing with it the return of Degeneration X. Sadly it was a false start for Triple H’s come back to quality.

A poor feud with the Nature Squad and a few of entertaining gimmick fits against the Mcmahons demonstrated little. It was starting to seem to be like Three times the H needed a track to put on a good show. Finally the possibility for quality matches showed up with the alliance of Randy Orton and Border, two guys who where more than capable of getting great matches.

Sadly once more the matches failed to meet expectations but there also seemed more to the feud than came out to the naked attention. This was WWE’s chance to get Edge and Orton over in a major way by beating or even doing damage to the legendary DX, yet what happened was the opposite it was Border and Orton who where destroyed in their last meeting. The feud was ended their due to Triple H’s injury but it is doubtful Advantage and Orton would’ve flipped the tide on DX.

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