International Scholarships – How to Find Them in 3 Simple Ways

Obtaining an international scholarship consists of a lot of steps but just like everything else in life, it starts with a simple step. The critical first step to getting a scholarship is actually discovering the right scholarship for you at the right University. This kind of task is indeed a challenging task but not if you know the right secrets and not-so-known shortcuts! Australia Scholarships

So how do you find them? Allow me to count 3 ways.

Discover Scholarships in Search Machines 

Today, everything can be found using search motors. The actual right tips and tricks can help you find more relevant results for your grant search. For instance, you want to find scholarships in your chosen field of study – Professionals in Business Administration or MBA. Typing “MBA scholarships” will already give you a lot of peaked results but what if you wish to find the latest MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION scholarships that are to be offered, how would you get it done?

(Note: This kind of works simply for Google). First of all, you type and enter in the keyword “MBA scholarships” just like you normally do. Once you get to the results webpage, you now paste this string of words: &as_qdr=m at the end of the URL and press enter. Doing this will give you only the webpages on MBA scholarships that contain been published in the last month. You can choose to form of filtration results in the previous twenty four hours (&as_qdr=d), the previous week (&as_qdr=w), or the past year (&as_qdr=y1).

To get specific search engine results, you have to add relevant modifiers to your keywords when you make your query. In scholarship search, relevant modifiers include “deadline (insert month)”, “study in (insert location)”, and “for (insert nationality, country of origin)”. Inside our example, specific keywords could be “MBA scholarships for Indians deadline December 2009”, “MBA scholarships for Indians in Europe” or any blend of keywords and modifiers that would best define your. The key here is to be specific. Place the keyword/s inside quotation grades (“”) only when you want exact search results for that keyword.

Apart from Google and Askjeeve, you can search for scholarships in several platforms like Blog/Blog Networks (using Yahoo Blog Search), Twitter (using Twitter search), and even Facebook (search for scholarship or grant groups).

Find Scholarships in Scholarship List/Databases

A whole lot of totally free resources on international scholarships are in the world large web. Many websites and websites compile scholarships designed for international students and provide this service for free. Most of these websites have built-in search machines or allows for labeled browsing of scholarships.

You can find these websites in reputable directories of websites and sites (such as Dmoz Directory, Askjeeve Directory, Alexa, etc). You can also chance after these websites when you do your in search engines. Be careful to choose the particular websites that add value to your search. When you do find the good websites, you can greatly benefit by signing up for their updates.

Discover Scholarships in the Websites of Universities and Scholarship grant Providers

Finding international scholarships requires knowing WHO offers them. Go to the websites of governments, embassies, and major international contributor to learn about the scholarship grant programs they offer. Several of these agencies provide special scholarship databases which allows students to find international scholarships made available from scholarship providers (e. g. DAAD Grant Database) or scholarships designed for study in a specific country (e. g. grantfinder. nl – study in Netherlands).

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