If You’re Not Getting Complaints, Your Mortgage Marketing Is Probably Not Aggressive Enough

Very often I’m asked the pursuing question: I just received a couple of grievances therefore of the advertising campaign that I’m running. Now i am concerned about this… should I change my marketing program? http://www.kjmortgageslasvegas.com/

Here’s my answer…

If you’re getting problems and either inconsistent or even no results (no new mortgage leads and prospects), it’s time to re-visit and evaluate the details of your marketing program. The answer is yes! 

However, if if you’re happy with the amount of leads and potential clients that your marketing program generates… the answer is no!

There is a very important “success lesson” here, and a good mortgage marketing lesson as well… you just aren’t please everyone! Whether you aren’t in contact with your mortgage list once a year or once a day, not everyone will be happy with your energy.

At any one time, only a tiny go with group of folks on your list are really considering your last mortgage communication and can actually gain from the product and service you are promoting. Remember, only 15% to 20% of your list will be making a home loan decision in the next twelve several weeks.

This means that near a majority of your contact list will possibly ignore, erase, file away, and/or toss away your last marketing message. Plus, the chances are excellent that someone on your list will all of an immediate decide they don’t like you, dislike what you have to say, or don’t like your the information you are providing.

So, need not surprised and don’t panic if you get a complaint or two or even 3. Continue to keep name in front of your contact list and continue to provide them with various anniversary and holiday break reminders, along with timely mortgage loan, finance, budget, credit, and identity theft information.

Consider my situation…

There are incredibly few days that go by when I may get at least one hate email. Yes, it can true. And, I must tell you… I like it!

It means that I’m getting readership. In the event someone complains, at least I know they are really reading my stuff. I’m getting their attention and that is never a bad thing. Which just what I want.

If perhaps you are to not get some sort of response from your home loan marketing program anyone with marketing aggressively enough. In case you are not irritating someone, you aren’t marketing hard enough or frequently enough.

The real key to your mortgage marketing program is making a response from the audience you are targeting. You’ll only get a response if you hit someone mentally. Sometimes the emotion is negative, and the person just won’t like what you write. That’s okay. It doesn’t matter!

The negative people won’t assist you on a home loan anyway. Receiving negative responses or complaints is merely a part of working.

This doesn’t matter if you have the greatest home loan company or product on earth you’re going to have someone who is unsatisfied. Someone that wishes to removed from your addresses. Again, it’s just part of business and not out of the ordinary.

So don’t try to please everybody, because you’re not in fee of everybody, you’re just in charge of an individual that needs you. And, if you aren’t frustrating someone in the process, then you aren’t marketing aggressively enough, I assure it.

So go forward, irritate the heck away of somebody. It means you’re doing a good-job of mortgage marketing and making use of people’s emotions. Instead, terry yourself on the backside for a job well done.

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