Digital Signage – New Poll Reveals Growing Importance of Internet in Gathering Information

A few weeks ago the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press released the results of a major review about how precisely people in the us consume news. actualité digitale

While the concentrate of the review was on the information media, I believe the research reveals some important demographic currents that digital signage marketers would do well to recognize and understand. The survey unveiled four types on media consumers: News-Integrators, Net-Newsers, Fans and Disengaged. I’ll neglect the disengaged for the sake of expediency and give full attention to three remaining teams since they are where the communication for those concerned with digital signage lies.¬†

The two groups offering the most fertile ground for digital signage marketers are News-Integrators and Net-Newsers. Collectively these two groups, which take into account 36 percent of total, show a high propensity for using multiple media types to find the news they desire. Based on the results, both groupings are well-educate and relatively affluent -qualities most digital signage marketers will find attractive.

Where they fluctuate is in the level to which they count on a combo of mass media technologies when seeking away news. For instance, Information Integrators view TV because their primary source of information, but supplement it by visiting Internet sites most days and nights. Net-Newsers, one the other side of the lieu hand, regard the Net his or her primary source of news. As a whole, 92 percent of Net-Newsers go online daily to find their news. Other sources, like television, are regarded as secondary. In fact, this group relies so much on the Web that more are likely to watch a report online than sit looking at their TVs and watch the nightly news.

Traditionalist, who account for 46 percent of stories consumers, are older, less well-off and less educated than Net-Newsers and News Integrators. Tv is the dominant source of news among Fans, and although they own computers, they rarely go online to learn what’s going on.

From my point of view, digital signage marketers can take a few lessons away from this survey. First, most people rely upon TV as a valued news source. Which good news for digital signage communicators because their signs are indistinguishable from TVs at first peek. Secondly, 36 percent of the group, which happens to be the most affluent portion, likes by using a blend of media to get the information they desire. Digital signage marketers can take good thing about this interest to multiple media resources by adding a transmission or cable channel into their signage presentations. By simply using TV within an on-screen digital signage area, they can grab an audience’s attention while concurrently conveying their own communications in the remaining areas and specific zones on the sign.

1 / 3, up-and-coming Net-Newsers and Information Integrators show by their news consumption patterns that they are tech experienced and enjoy using technology to ascertain which multimedia they consume. Hybrid, active digital signs adds the perception that the audience is in control of what’s displayed, something that dovetails nicely with this preference.

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