Coast Guard Service Members and Asbestos Exposure

Considering that the early days of the country, the us Coast Shield has fought to protect American shores that help the military in times of dire need. Even though the Coast Guard runs under different rules and standards when compared to the associated with armed forces, the general tools and tactics are relatively similar. However, this branch of the military also adopted the pattern of the rest of the military services in manufacturing and development. Consequently, many maritime service members were exposed to high levels of asbestos. Fast Guard Service LLC

To get several decades, asbestos use as fire resistant and heat managing material was particularly widespread. Especially on ships, where even a tiny fire could mean complete catastrophe, asbestos was used to protect service people from the associated challenges of war. However, this material has been connected to a deadly form of cancer known as mesothelioma. This cancer often lingers in the body for a long time, showing no symptoms. Eventually, it appears, often when it is in its final stages for any sufficient treatment to happen. 

Certainly, the military would not realize this danger while building ships for both the Coast Guard and Dark blue. During these vessels, the shipbuilders found asbestos useful in any capacity where fire prevention was needed. This means that piping were lined with the insulation, floor and ceiling energy were created from the material, and a ship’s ropes had asbestos woven into them. Packed into these close quarters, service members were exposed regularly to asbestos fibers during their tours of work.

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