13 Mukhi Rudraksha – Why Ambitious Ones Should Embrace It

Lady-luck will shine brightly on the wearer of a thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha displayed by dual Gods “Lord Kamdev (God of Love) and Lord Indra” (King of the Gods). Blessed by two powerful gods it’s but natural that the bead should be an extraordinary the one that bestows incredible powers and wealth on the wearer. However, only a lucky few can manage to truly have got it, but once one lays hands on it, good luck flows in abundance. mukhi rudraksha

Leaders, marketing experts, company presidents, should wear 13 mukhi rudraksha since it helps enhance their performance level. Interestingly, the almost holy bead also helps get over sinful deeds and thoughts and is looked after as a reliable advantage when it comes to reaching hearts desires. 

Different Strong Parts of 13 faced rudraksha:

Bestows the wearer with worldly conveniences as well as religious awakening
Helps explore the wearer’s potential to the maximum
Lord Kamdev voluntarily helps achieve all materialistic delights
Mantras for sanctification:

Padma Purana: Om Ksham Chaun Namah
Mahashiv Murana: Om Hrim Namah

Just how to use it?

Like all other rudraksha beads tough luck faced rudraksha also needs to be worn only on Monday’s and should be associated with a red/white thread amongst chanting of mantras. The bead should be cleansed in spring water, or unboiled milk and the holy mantra need to be recited for no less than 108 times. The rudraksha could be embedded in a platinum chain as well.

The perfect way to invoke it is powers is to store the rudraksha in a Gold/Silver box or worn on one’s body. This should passed on since one generation to the other given that it helps change the lot of money of the possessor.

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